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Posted by orpheus On July - 1 - 2010

Timothy Nixon Thierry Aulin Stephen Ash Sean Berrett Ronnie Dante Robin Few Paul Valery Lucky Taylor gay twinks Gay Bareback city life Benjamin Bloom AYOR XXFactor Review-City Life 1
Director Robert Boggs takes us into the daily lives of nine young European guys, who from the looks of it have lives that involve a lot of sex.

A review by Harley Shadow

City Life 1

Cast: Paul Valery, Robin Few, Sean Berrett, Lucky Taylor, Thierry Aulin, Benjamin Bloom, Stephen Ash, Timothy Nixon, Ronnie Dante.

Directed by Robert Boggs for AYOR Studios.

Two reasons to watch this movie:

The models are all very good looking, charming and best of all none of them have a hard time staying, well, hard.

Although it’s labeled a “real life series,” this is like MTV’s The Hills. It’s scripted, but the story, plots and characters keep your attention just as much as the sex scenes do.
The City Life can be a tough one. You’re either stuck in a rat race, married to your job, or you’re like Seby (Paul Valery), a happy-go-lucky guy whose biggest concern is what to do with himself when he’s not busy as a shirtless cook. In this engaging film that’s set up to be like a reality show, the daily hustles, bustles and shenanigans of City Life are shown through nine horny guys. The locations, sets, and acting are very good, and I can’t emphasize enough how charming and appealing the cast is.

Timothy Nixon Thierry Aulin Stephen Ash Sean Berrett Ronnie Dante Robin Few Paul Valery Lucky Taylor gay twinks Gay Bareback city life Benjamin Bloom AYOR

We first meet Seby, who works as a cook, but while at work is always shirtless. Isn’t there some sort of health code about that? Isn’t there also a health code about sucking dick on top of the tables at the restaurant? That’s what happens after he meets the new waiter Patrick (Robin Few). They have an instant connection and flirt excessively. It’s hard to resist Few and Valery because of their addictive smiles, looks and overall personalities. That’s one thing I’ve noticed in Boggs’ films like Tales, More Tales, Frisbee, and my personal favorites Buddies 1-2; he finds the most charming cast, and that charm, personality and appeal shine through. Not many directors have that knack, and instead sometimes focus only on the models’ exteriors.

Seby and Patrick end their shifts and instead of it being Miller time, it’s sex time. Seby lifts up Patrick’s shirt to expose some incredible abs, and the two begin to passionately kiss, and then they switch gears to cocksucking. Seby sucks cock like he kisses, which is too say passionately and sensually, which sends Patrick into overdrive. Later, after they cum, Seby tells us that he wanted to fuck Patrick, but Patrick said he’s new to gay sex and wasn’t quite ready for it. Aw, he’s also a gentleman. The only thing about this scene that made me wonder was that in the latter half of the scene an acoustic guitar begins playing out of nowhere. The soundtrack of them talking dirty and moaning in pleasure was the better soundtrack. Luckily, it goes as fast as it came before they cum all over each other. The two make a plan to hang out at a nearby lake the next day.

They head to the lake the next day where they find trouble, in a good way. After swimming and games, Patrick decides to head to the sauna. It’s there where we see Richard (Ronnie Dante) trying out different swimsuits, from Speedos to board shorts. I don’t think they’re his, however. Richard changes in front of Patrick, and when Richard’s huge cock spring to life, Patrick’s eyes almost explode. Richard asks Patrick if he wants to jack-off. Before he can finish stating that he’s worried someone will walk in, Richard is all over Patrick’s cock. They suck each other vigorously, and then the first-timer to gay sex, Patrick, fucks Richard mercilessly. You’ll be hypnotized by the sounds of his balls slapping against Richard’s little bubblebutt. Richard gets so hot he cums all over his abs. He leaves Patrick to his own devices. Patrick looks and smiles at the camera as he strokes his cock, and you may giggle or blush, hoping and wishing he’s smiling at you.

After he cums he goes back to the beach to look for Seby, but while Patrick was gone, Seby chased after hunky blond Peter (Thierry Aulin), who works nearby and goes to the lake to relax. Peter says he’s not there for sex, but I do declare that after he and Seby chat a bit, and shed their clothes, Peter’s mouth around Seby’s thick uncut cock shows he’s not there to play horseshoes. There’s something about Seby that is so alluring. You want to be him, you want to get fucked by him, and along with his gorgeous smile, you want to be with him. In this scene and his first scene with Patrick, he has an instant attraction and chemistry with his costar, and he hardly has to try. The way he talks dirty, smiles at the camera and his partners, and still delivers a heated fuck will make you fall in love with him. It seems that both Patrick and Peter do too, after a tryst with him. Peter gets fucked beachside. The two look great together, and you can’t take your eyes off their taut smooth bodies, cute face and cocks that don’t go limp.

Prior to Patrick and Seby heading to the beach we meet Josh (Sean Berrett) who is online talking to a nearby bud. They decide to meet. Buddy Robin (Lucky Taylor) is a great catch. They can’t wait to get into each other’s pants, but they take their time by slowly and passionately making out in Josh’s room. Robin’s shirt is slowly unbuttoned, and then his pants come off, and instead of jacking off, Josh goes down on his thick and long uncut cock. Josh does a great job deepthroating him, but I was surprised to see Robin do the same. He looked like he might kiss and maybe suck a little, but what a surprise. He deepthroats him and kisses him deep and passionately, especially when he fucks Josh. It’s a deep, yet tender fuck that leaves Josh crying out in pleasure. He’s so loud you expect him to yell “Glory!” This was one of my favorite scenes due to the charisma and looks of the models, as well as the execution of the sex. It felt like that time you brought home a trick and the sex was just more than sex, it was passionate, fun and you hoped this guy would call again.

Stephen Ash’s Adrian appears in the last two scenes. First, this village boy meets busy city boy Benjamin Bloom, who is a manager at a logistics company in the city. They figure out they both likes guy, so they go to Adrian’s patio where the very muscular Bloom (a blond in all his previous films for AYOR and Bel Ami, but now a brunet) sucks, gets sucked and fucks Adrian until they both cum on Adrian’s smooth belly.

While all seems fun in the city, there’s a bit of drama at the end of City Life when Adrian hangs out with David (Timothy Nixon). David’s dad hates Adrian because he’s gay (that’s putting it nicely), and has an idea that the boys are fooling around when they hang out. He’s right, because when David is riding his ATV he meets up with Adrian, who is out on the farm. They take a literal roll in the hay, kissing and sucking each other next to a huge haystack. When they’re doing this, the videography is breathtaking as it shows the boys in a wide shot featuring the beautiful green hills and farmland. It’s like a postcard, and it’s hard to take your eyes off the beauty of the landscape to take in the beauty of these two boys kissing and sucking. They go to a more remote location where they fuck each other atop the ATV. This is the film’s only flip-flop scene, and it’s beautiful to see Adrian fuck David’s smooth butthole, and then later see David fuck Adrian’s hairy ass. Again, the camera work is awesome as it zooms in close to the penetration and repeated ins-and-outs during the buttfucking. They cum, and then as Adrian walks David, who is still on the ATV, home, they encounter David’s dad. The drama builds as David’s dad throws his son out of the house, slaps him and pours beer on Adrian.

That ending, as well as the charming characters, the sex, and the videography made me excited for another episode of the City Life.

The DVD has scene selection and trailers; 127 minutes.

Source: http://www.xxfactor.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1821

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Posted by orpheus On February - 9 - 2010
michael labarbera city life AYOR From the desk of Michael LaBarbera:
With a solid background in television production in Czechoslovakia in the mid-1980’s, director Robert Boggs was first dazzled by porn through seeing the work of the legendary William Higgins. With the door to democracy and free enterprise more open in the 1990’s, Robert began collaborating with friends and directing and producing gay porn.
After seeing the work of director George Duroy, and having been stunned by the beauty of his models and the technical perfection of Mr. Duroy’s films, Robert knew that he had a vision of his own. After producing films for European and American companies, (Robert produced several best selling movies for Pacific Sun), he knew that if he were ever going to be able to follow his artistic vision he would have to go out on his own.
Thus was born in 2004 AYOR Studios. An acronym for “At Your Own Risk”, Robert Boggs special touch in  capturing the way male friendship can grow into sexual desire has proven anything but risky. His approach to porn, half adult movie, half documentary, is unique and arousing. His models combine the qualities of angels and gods. His production values are flawless.
Starting with AYOR Studios newest release CITY LIFE 1,  PACIFIC SUN ENTERTAINMENT is pleased to announce that we will be the EXCLUSIVE U S DISTRIBUTOR for AYOR!
CITY LIFE 1 hits the streets on 2/12/10. For an exciting preview please go to www.pacificsunentertainment.com/previews/citylife1
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